Friendship Lodge No. 84

Men of Distinction since 1827

The Grand Master's Award with Distinction

Mandatory Requirements

☑Maintain and update Lodge Membership Portal

☑Create a Dues Committee to contact Brothers

☐Sponsor a “Friendship Night” - 27 Mar 23

☐Visit another Lodge with at least 5 of the Lodge Officers 2 out of the 3 Principal Officers - 15 Feb 22

☑Maintain a Widow’s Roster with Contact information

☑Contact all inactive members and invite them to a Lodge meeting or event

☐Two of the 3 Principal officers must attend Semi-Annual AND Annual Communications

☐Sponsor a CHIP event - 1 Aug 23

☐Confer each of the 3 degrees of Craft Masonry

  • Entered Apprentice Degree
  • Fellowcraft Degree - 13 Mar 23
  • Master Mason Degree - 07 Oct 23

☑Participate in the Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship Awards Program

Optional Requirements
(Must complete 12)

☐No Decline in Membership

☐Sponsor a Lodge Blood Drive

☐Exceed the Lodge’s Blood Drive minimum with 10% participation

☐A minimum of 5% of the Lodge Members attend Harvest Home Day

☐A minimum of 10% of the Lodge’s Members attend Family Day at Bonnie Blink

☐Attend a Masonic Youth Organization (6 members including 3 Principal)

☑Sponsor a Holiday Party

☑Sponsor a Summer Picnic for Lodge families

☐At least three of the line officers must receive a certificate of Regular Attendance at the Grand Lodge School of Instruction

☐At a special Lodge Meeting, recognize a Brother of the lodge for some specific service or contribution to the community or for humanity

☑Present 3 or more education programs at Lodge meetings - The Lesser Lights - Bro. Benjamin A. Zamostny, PM - 23 Jan 23 - Hail or Hele? - Bro. P. Brown - 13 Feb 23 - The Lesser Lights - Bro. H. Brent Webb - 27 Feb 23

☐Attend a worship service together as a Lodge (St. John’s Day)

☐Sponsor a youth sports team

☐Invite members of one of the Masonic youth groups to a lodge meeting and honor them - 22 May 23

☐Reduce the number of suspensions for nonpayment of dues from the previous year

☐Sponsor at least one Religious Service/Entertainment at Bonnie Blink - 11 Aug 23

☑Organize and maintain a committee for regular contacting sick and shut-in members - Sunshine

☑Hold a Special Theme Lodge meeting night such as casual night, table lodge, low vale - 7 Oct. 23

☐Have a Colt Night-Confer the degree with a team of Officers made up entirely of non-officers including no Past Masters. Newer Members should be solicited for participation

☐Participate as a Lodge in a community parade, a minimum of 5 members must participate with at least 2 being principal officers - Mummers Parade

☑Participate with a different organization from your community in a community project such as outreach, cleanup, youth program, etc. - 10 Feb 22

☑Design and maintain a Lodge website

☑Maintain an active Social Media Presence for the Lodge on Facebook

☑Organize a committee to actively reach out to people who have inquired about membership in the Lodge and maintain updated status of these inquires on the Membership Manager.

To Be One, Ask One